April 2, 2009


I am not sure how to describe just how great it feels to have finished student teaching. My quality of life has already drastically improved. These past 12 weeks were probably the most challenging of my life. I learned so much and it was such a rewarding experience. I am just so excited for the future. I take the Illinois APT test this month and then I'll apply for my teaching license!!! So, in the meantime, I am finishing my portfolio, studying for the test, looking for a job, and substitute teaching again.

I am SO pumped that it is Spring! I am really looking forward to Easter. Tom and I will be celebrating with his family. I am really excited to try to bake an Easter cake I found here. I hope it turns out the way I envision it. Cooking/baking is something I am very happy to start practicing again AND knitting! I have many projects that have fallen by the wayside.

Well, time to make some dinner and catch up on a little reading from this book. Tom bought it for me as a Christmas gift. It's been out for a while but I was never fortunate enough to own it until now! Amy Sedaris is HILL-AR-ious! If you've never seen Strangers with Candy and are not too offended by crude, dark, and just plain wrong humor, you have to check it out. Tom and I are currently making our way through Season 2 via Hulu.

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