July 29, 2009

a little girl talk...

So this isn't the most significant post I've ever made, but wanted to share that I am slowly making the transition from cheap makeup to mineral makeup and I was wondering if any of you out there use mineral makeup. I recently bought a kit for mineral powder, blush, and finishing veil for only $13 at Target (it was on sale). The brand of the kit is Physician's Formula. So far, I LOVE IT! It is so clean and feels so natural but I still feel covered (i have a lot of freckles and while I do love my freckles i like the ones on my face to be a little muted). I've heard of Bare Minerals and Pur, but I can not afford these at the moment. Just wondering if any of you out there have a different mineral brand that you swear by or can say from experience that Pur or Bare Minerals are awesome brands.

Just wondering...somewhere down the road I might try these out but would love to know what others think before I fork over the cash! I've really been conscious lately of the beauty products I own. I don't buy a lot of products, but I am slowly running out of all the makeup I had throughout college. I've probably held on to too much of my old makeup as it is. Most have only a little bit left and I'd say some of my stuff is over three-five years old. That is kind if gross now that I think of it.

I think taking care of your skin is SO important (especially because I have such fair skin), but I feel at the same time a responsibility to use the money God has given me wisely. I've decided though that I value quality over quantity and would rather spend a little more if it is better quality and then just conserve whatever it is. So, anyway, I would like to slowly use more and more organic and plant-based products [I have my eye on some tasty Aveda shampoo and conditioner but that will have to wait :)]. Any suggestions/thoughts are greatly appreciated :)

I am off to finish my first design for a knitted washcloth!


July 28, 2009

WELL, Well, well

Hmm.. doing ok here. Not menu planning this week and I feel a little lost. Maybe that is a touch dramatic, but Tom and I are avoiding the market completely this week because once again, we will be out of town for another wedding! We are just trying to use anything we have around here to save on money and also to use what we have. I am excited for this wedding this weekend and even more excited because my sister and her boyfriend will be traveling with us and there will also be lots of college friends to see.

I went to an interview today for a coffee shop job. It was pretty cool because the interview took place in this janky area of Bridgeport in a warehouse where they actually roast their own coffee beans! It was really cool to watch them do it while I waited to interview. It was fun riding the bus home smelling like fresh roasted coffee.

I would love to have the job, but hope that it doesn't complicate things too much once school starts. It would have been nice to be interviewing three weeks ago (which is when I put in my resume). Now that school is so close, I feel a little bad taking the job and then possibly having to quit if I get a teaching job (of course I will be SO PUMPED if I get a teaching job). If I do NOT get a teaching position, then it would ROCK to work for this company and maybe sub a couple of days as well (this would be ideal if I am not going to have my own classroom because subbing is a little rough for me at times..especially going into a third year of it!).

Well, I guess all in all, I am just trying to be patient! This has been a big struggle for me, but I think I am getting a teensy bit better at this trusting and waiting. Just trying to do my part in the mean time. I have about three-four more teaching positions I found yesterday and need to apply for before the weekend. We'll see!

That's all for now!


July 20, 2009

Monday: polish sausage with green peppers and onions and baked macaroni and cheese

Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Bake

Wednesday: Meatloaf with Creamy Smashed Potatoes

Thursday: Leftovers


Well, Ben is in town until this evening and Tom has jury duty so Ben and I are off to El Meson for some coffee and reading and knitting for me!


July 13, 2009

God save strawberry jam and all of its varieties...

You gotta love The Kinks!

So! Had a great weekend attending my friend Janet's bridal shower in Indianapolis. My sister and I drove there and back and it was fun to just listen to music and laugh.

Janet is a beautiful, blushing bride and Andy seems like a great guy. It is evident that they are both so happy! I hope we get to see them exchange their vows but we might have to wait till November for their Indiana reception (seeing as the wedding is in California and Tom and I do not yet have teaching jobs). We'll see!

Tom and I saw the movie Up this weekend and I loved it! Such a great movie. I already want to see it again :)

Dinners we'll be eating this week are below. Some, you'll notice are repeats from last week. That is because our leftovers from the 4th lasted WAY longer than I had anticipated so I had to find creative ways to use what we had. You can find more recipe ideas here at I'm An Organizing Junkie.

Monday: Noodles Alfredo with Grilled Chicken and Sugar Snap Peas

Tuesday: Ginger Glazed Mahi Mahi served with Brown Jasmine Rice and Asparagus

Wednesday: Cajun Wild Rice

Thursday: Beef Tacos with Homemade Wheat Tortillas and Rice

Friday: Not sure if we'll cook or not! We have friends in town for the weekend!!

So excited to see Kristina, Marcus, Holly, Keith, and maybe Ben??? (i hope) and also to hang out with Michael (we haven't seen in two or three weeks). Don't know what we are going to do yet, but with good friends it really doesn't matter.


July 6, 2009


I really enjoy playing around with this site when I have the time.

Do the Stanky Legg: Our Weekend Theme Song

Favorite Moments Of This Weekend:

Tom and I enjoying the fireworks with friends at Grant Park!

Enjoying the delicious donuts sold at the Oak Park Farmer's Market.

Playing games at our cookout! We even played Bocce Ball despite all the rain.

Church and then lunch and bubble tea in China Town!

These are just a few of my favorite moments from the weekend. There were crazy times with crowds of a million + people balanced with relaxing times just catching up with old friends. Tom and I feel SO blessed to have friends willing to make the long trip to visit!


Menu Plan Monday!

Ok, so I have loved the results so far of planning our dinners for the coming week and then shopping with the plan in mind! So, I am planning again! Here's what we are having for dinner this week. If you need dinner ideas, check out I'm an Organizing Junkie. She has excellent ideas and links to others with excellent ideas :)

Monday: Leftovers! We had so much great food at our cookout on Saturday: Grilled Zucchini, Burgers, Baked Macaroni and Cheese, and Lemony Chickpea and Zucchini Salad

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken (from cookout) and Zucchini Pasta (thanks Joy in My Kitchen!)

Wednesday: Ginger Glazed Mahi Mahi and Asparagus

*This is my first time cooking Mahi Mahi. Usually we buy Tilapia, but Tom wanted to try these so I am all for it! This recipe seems to be pretty simple. The only thing I had to buy that I didn't already have was a piece of ginger root, which costs next to nothing. We'll see!

Thursday: Chicken and Veggie Quesadillas

Friday: Spicy Turkey Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries.

*If using the sweet potato fries recipe, I skip the microwave step and just cook longer in the oven to get them to crisp up. I have tried it in the microwave and found it to be a hassle (I also avoid microwaves whenever possible).

Saturday: We'll be traveling to Indy to meet up with friends and so that I can attend a friend's bridal shower...don't know when we'll be back! :)