July 29, 2009

a little girl talk...

So this isn't the most significant post I've ever made, but wanted to share that I am slowly making the transition from cheap makeup to mineral makeup and I was wondering if any of you out there use mineral makeup. I recently bought a kit for mineral powder, blush, and finishing veil for only $13 at Target (it was on sale). The brand of the kit is Physician's Formula. So far, I LOVE IT! It is so clean and feels so natural but I still feel covered (i have a lot of freckles and while I do love my freckles i like the ones on my face to be a little muted). I've heard of Bare Minerals and Pur, but I can not afford these at the moment. Just wondering if any of you out there have a different mineral brand that you swear by or can say from experience that Pur or Bare Minerals are awesome brands.

Just wondering...somewhere down the road I might try these out but would love to know what others think before I fork over the cash! I've really been conscious lately of the beauty products I own. I don't buy a lot of products, but I am slowly running out of all the makeup I had throughout college. I've probably held on to too much of my old makeup as it is. Most have only a little bit left and I'd say some of my stuff is over three-five years old. That is kind if gross now that I think of it.

I think taking care of your skin is SO important (especially because I have such fair skin), but I feel at the same time a responsibility to use the money God has given me wisely. I've decided though that I value quality over quantity and would rather spend a little more if it is better quality and then just conserve whatever it is. So, anyway, I would like to slowly use more and more organic and plant-based products [I have my eye on some tasty Aveda shampoo and conditioner but that will have to wait :)]. Any suggestions/thoughts are greatly appreciated :)

I am off to finish my first design for a knitted washcloth!



Laffin's said...

i was wondering about that mineral make up too. i am in the same boat with my make up finally running out. it is so hard to balance the desire to use products that are good for you and the environment vs. saving money. i struggle with that a lot.

sarahaileen said...

Yes! You summed up exactly my feelings on this as well.