July 28, 2009

WELL, Well, well

Hmm.. doing ok here. Not menu planning this week and I feel a little lost. Maybe that is a touch dramatic, but Tom and I are avoiding the market completely this week because once again, we will be out of town for another wedding! We are just trying to use anything we have around here to save on money and also to use what we have. I am excited for this wedding this weekend and even more excited because my sister and her boyfriend will be traveling with us and there will also be lots of college friends to see.

I went to an interview today for a coffee shop job. It was pretty cool because the interview took place in this janky area of Bridgeport in a warehouse where they actually roast their own coffee beans! It was really cool to watch them do it while I waited to interview. It was fun riding the bus home smelling like fresh roasted coffee.

I would love to have the job, but hope that it doesn't complicate things too much once school starts. It would have been nice to be interviewing three weeks ago (which is when I put in my resume). Now that school is so close, I feel a little bad taking the job and then possibly having to quit if I get a teaching job (of course I will be SO PUMPED if I get a teaching job). If I do NOT get a teaching position, then it would ROCK to work for this company and maybe sub a couple of days as well (this would be ideal if I am not going to have my own classroom because subbing is a little rough for me at times..especially going into a third year of it!).

Well, I guess all in all, I am just trying to be patient! This has been a big struggle for me, but I think I am getting a teensy bit better at this trusting and waiting. Just trying to do my part in the mean time. I have about three-four more teaching positions I found yesterday and need to apply for before the weekend. We'll see!

That's all for now!



Jessica Louise said...

I LOVE your new layout :)
Its so great I get to see you 2 weekends in a row! We're going to have fun in ft. wayne.

Keep swimming w/ the job stuff...its all in the Lord's hands, love!

Jessica Louise said...

ps...I am going to bring you that rob bell book this weekend in case you want to borrow it!

sarahaileen said...

Thanks, Jess!! I would love to borrow the book and looking forward to this weekend! See you soon!