June 1, 2009

This week marks the end of the school year and I have to say I am pretty exhausted and excited and only a little nervous. How's that for expressing my feelings. So far, I have sent out resumes and online applications for 10 different teaching positions...and there are more still to apply for! This is encouraging! I hope I get a call back soon for an interview somewhere...we'll see.
This weekend, Tom and I got inspired to try to plant some vegetables, so we called up his parents and asked if they had any space left in their garden and they did! We planted cucumber, cantaloup, brandy wine heirloom tomatoes, and carrots! I am most excited for the carrots and tomatoes. Tom's parents already planted zucchini, sunflowers, watermelon, romaine lettuce, and roma and beefsteak tomatoes. They also have strawberries that come back every year so this year, Patty and I are going to attempt making them into jam and canning them. Later in the summer, our goal is to also can homemade salsa, tomato sauce, and pizza sauce. Anyone know anything about canning and could offer some advice? We are pretty curious to see how it all works.


Jessica Louise said...

Leta: "Who is that?" Me: "Neil Diamond." Leta: "Evil Diamond?" Me: "Yes."

from Dooce's blog...thought you would like that :) love you!

Jessica Louise said...

ps...Matthew's family might know some tricks to canning & making jam also. They do it every year...so if you want, i can email aunt betty & find out!?

sarahaileen said...

I would love if you emailed Aunt Betty. Thanks! We might be picking the strawberries and canning the jam this Friday. Thanks!