September 28, 2009

A few things...

How adorable are these measuring cups from Anthropologie! I have always loved nesting dolls as a girl, but have never owned any. These would be perfect because they also have a use! I have lived in Chicago for 3 years now and have yet to go to one of their locations. I usually just look online. I am making it a point to go this year!

Tom and I had a fun weekend. We went hiking at Rollins Savannah with Lena. I took my binoculars, camera, and bird field guide because they have this whole bird observation area. It was beautiful there and we spotted 5 Egrets, 1 bird that I think was some kind of Heron but its characteristics didn't match up very well with my field guide, several gigantic! monarch butterflies, many yellow butterflies, and two ribbon snakes.

Unfortunately, while hiking, Lena grabbed at something and before we could figure out what was going on, she had in her mouth a baby field mouse (i think). It was SO SAD! We didn't even have her on a long lead because we were working on heeling, but the little thing ran out in front of her and she was fast to grab it up! I was so sad because it was so furry and cute and looked like my old beloved pet, Thelma. Lena almost caught a frog as well! She is definitely a country dog. I think of her as my sweet little puppy, but she is also a dog and loves to hunt, unfortunately.



darnold23 said...

I would love for you to join me for Crock Pot Wednesday at Come link up your favorite slow cooker recipe for all of us to enjoy. Come check it out. Thanks. Debbie

sarahaileen said...

Thanks so much for the invitation! My menu plan this week actually includes a soup done in the crock pot :)