September 7, 2009

Trust and Wait

Wow, i really miss menu planning, but life is SO nutso right now. Last week I had two interviews for a Pre-K teaching position and accepted the job on Thursday. It is a REALLY neat program with a strong emphasis on nature (something I JUST LOVE). BUT, then, the very next day, I got asked to interview this Wednesday for a 1st grade teaching position in a public school. I have been waiting for this interview ALL summer. It would mean my own class, much better pay than what the day care could offer me, health benefits, holidays off, and in the district I have subbed in for the past two years and did my student teaching with. It would also mean teaching "at-risk" kids, which are exactly the kinds of kids I feel called to teach.

I am SO thankful for the Pre-K position, but really would like the first grade position. It was really hard because I went back to the day care and explained my situation and while my new boss is SO wonderful, I still feel kind of bad and nervous about working there on Tuesday and then interviewing with the public school on Wednesday. I feel like I did the right thing so I need to let it go and just trust that God will smooth things and will guide me in doing what is right. I really do trust God and know that He will make everything clear soon and I am SO thankful to have two really great options after thinking that having my own class this year was just out of the question.

I am trusting God with it all and know He has a purpose. He knows the desires of my heart, but He also knows what is the very best for Tom and I.

Hopefully everything will be resolved by the end of this week (i am hoping and praying for this). Right now, I am clinging to the Psalms and would really appreciate any of your prayers. I am SO excited to begin my teaching career and I know whatever happens will be exactly what Tom and I need.

Until then...


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Patty said...

Terry and I are praying. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path. God's Word to you today :)