July 8, 2012

I'm back?

   I might be back...we'll see.  I don't post on here too often.  With pinterest, punchfork, and etsy currently satisfying my need to collect things I like in a visual way (thus, the subtitle of this blog, my cabinet of curiosities) and working on a shutterfly maternity memory book, it has been difficult to want to blog.  I love reading blogs.  I have many saved in my google reader, but it is sometimes confusing for me to know if I feel like writing something that potentially anyone can see.
   The reason I am here is that now that school is out and I am 8 months pregnant with our first child, I have been busy preparing for our little one to arrive.  I have especially been preparing in terms of food!  I have tried many new recipes, which is something I LIVE to do, but have also been cooking and baking a lot of my go-to's so that I can freeze and store for after our baby arrives.  I know it will be too easy to want to just order in food, which I'm sure we'll do occasionally, but with me breastfeeding, this is not ideal.
   I am so blessed to have the summer off before our baby gets here to dive into all things related to nesting.  I am enjoying every minute of it--even last week with the major temperature swells!  Today is wonderful!  The air conditioner actually makes it cool in our apartment and I can go to the bathroom or kitchen without sweating!  I was starting to get a little cranky, something new for me while being pregnant.  Before the heatwave I have loved everything about being pregnant.  Hopefully this 80ish degree weather will continue and I can continue to enjoy my last month of pregnancy!  I will either way, but it sure would be nice to be cool during it!
   Well, that is a little of what I've been up to.  I am posting a new post that is a HOW TO for making and canning strawberry jam.  This is something that my husband and I have done for several years now with his mom and dad.  We pick, cook, and can all in the same day.  With four people, though, it is not too bad and well worth the effort!  I just used some of our jam with the biscuits I had this morning for breakfast.  Delicious!  We always make a lot of extras for gifts as well.  Friends and family members have started to know that June soon means a fresh jar of jam.  I like that a lot.  Anyway, I have tried to be as detailed as possible to include all the little things to remember when canning, which I learned over the years through various websites and books on the subject.  The jam recipe is from Ball's Blue Book of Canning.  Sorry I do not have the exact link for the book, it is my mother-in-law's. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you use the recipe and how it turns out for you.


Jenna said...

I'm so glad that you've enjoyed all of pregnancy so much. I hope to keep enjoying it up to the last minute too! And I'm really looking forward to following in your steps and stocking up our freezer after our move next month--it just sounds like FUN!

That Spoonful said...

Awesome! Cooking and freezing good food has felt so satisfying for some reason! Can't wait to see you this Saturday :)