April 14, 2009

sicky thump

Well, I started my spring break with the chills and a fever! I am always so shocked when I get really sick because it doesn't happen very often. The last time I was REALLY sick, the kind of sick where you are in bed ALL day and you can't bring yourself to eat anything was my sophomore year of college. Yesterday is a complete blur...I literally stayed in bed all day and night and had to force myself to eat (this says a lot because even when I have a bad cold I can always muscle up the will to eat). I am so glad that today I do not have a fever. I just can't believe that two whole days of my break are already gone! Well, thankfully I am feeling better and so I will spend the rest of today watching Planet Earth (Tom bought me the complete series for Christmas!) and working on some knitting projects.


Jessica Louise said...

i didn't know you were so sick. sorry luv, hope you feel better soon!


Jessica Louise said...

ps...the new look of your blog is CUTE!

sarahaileen said...