April 25, 2009


I really like the pressure of taking a test...I just do not enjoy all the anxiety leading up to taking the test. I slept horribly last night. It is in part because of the test, but also because I am sore from head to toe from taking a body sculpting class on Thursday with my sister. I feel like I went tubing and water skiing for two days straight and am now paying for it. It may sound crazy but I plan on going back! I really liked the class and it will be nice to have one day out of the three that I am committing to getting back in shape to do something else besides running.

I am really worried about this test today because it results in acquiring my teaching license for the state of Illinois. I have some more studying to do, but I do feel pretty good about what I accomplished yesterday. I can not wait to take this thing and then go out tonight to watch the Blackhawks playoff game! Tom is taking a different test as I write this and then has another test to take at the same place where I'll be later this afternoon. I am so thankful to have gone through this whole experience together. It has been so rewarding to complete this program alongside my husband. At times, it has been pretty intense, since we are pretty much both stressed about the same things. Although, Tom is and will always be much more calm and laid back about things, which is nice because it has an effect on me as well. I can only hope that my organization skills have been a positive thing for him. Well, time to get back to work! So close to finishing!!!

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