April 11, 2010

i do this for the wormies...

So! After many years of talking about it, Tom and I finally made a worm box!! I learned of using worms for composting when I took an organic gardening class at IU and have wanted to make one ever since. I hope our worms are happy in their new home! Here are some pictures of our little project. I wanted to take pictures, step-by-step, but our two young and very energetic neighbors saw what we were doing and were VERY curious and wanted to "help." It was really cute to see these two girls so excited about worms! They were even picking them up! I loved it because this being the city, at school, I had trouble just getting kids to pick up soil to plant sunflower seeds. It was great to see their fascination and wonder.

Here are some great websites where you can learn more about worm boxes:

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