June 2, 2008

I rode around the town, use a rattlesnake whip

I am feeling good, except for the news that Bo Diddley died today.  He was such a cool dude.

This is the last week of school, so I have lots to do until Friday, a test on Saturday and THEN I can enjoy!  My mom and grandma are coming to visit and I am SO excited.  Neither of them have visited Chicago AND this is their first time visiting me!  I am newly married, so I am really looking forward to sharing with my mom and grandma how Tom and I have started our first home together.  

Tom and I bought Wii Fit!  I LOVE it.  It is a lot of fun and very helpful for me because I need some kind of kick-start to get back to being more active.  Right now it is hard to believe that I ever ran a mini-marathon.  I would like to do that again sometime in the near future.  The whole process of training can be hard at times, but the feeling at the end of the race is truly something not easily described.  

I am still reading Gift from the Sea, I think I am purposely taking longer to read it because it is one of those books, for me anyway, that I wish did not have to end.  It brings me a lot of peace and challenges me to strive for contentment.  Lately I have really seen how negative my thoughts have become, how easily frustrated and impatient I can be, how often I want more and more and more (of life, of things, of plants :), of whatever!).  I am learning....I always say that I am the type of person who loves learning new things--how easy it is to forget that sometimes learning can be challenging, uncomfortable, and maybe even painful.  It is easy to think about all the lovely things I like to study and learn, like gardening, history, knitting, other cultures, etc, but I also need to learn about OTHER things--like humility, patience, meekness, forgiveness, trust, and on and on.  I am thankful for these lessons as well.  

Well, it is time for me to make dinner and then to pick up a package at UPS (A PACKAGE THAT CONTAINS OUR BONNAROO TICKETS!!!). Yay!

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